Spicy Chili Lemon Sunflower Seeds


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We have searched the world and couldn't find any sunflower seed snack out there that was both spicy yet flavourful at the same time, so we went out and created this master piece (this was actually the reason that started the entire brand!).  


This is a full spectrum flavour, offering the carefully tested balance of spice and heat, ensuring you have an enjoyable, fiery experience with every seed. If you love spice, you will no doubt love The Red Seed Chili Lemon Sunflower Seeds. If you cant handle your heat, dont worry, the notes of lemon zest will carry you through (but maybe grab on to your drink while you dive in).    


We honestly cant rave about this enough and couldn't be more proud of this flavour.


  • 125g bag of The Red Seed - Chili Lemon Flavored Sunflower Seeds
  • Larger seeds = easier to enjoy