12 Mixed Pack of The Red Seed Corn Nuts (NON-GMO)


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12 Mixed pack of The Red Seed's New NON-GMO Toasted Corn. Includes 3x BBQ, 3x Spicy Chili Lemon,3x Ketchup, and 3x of our newest flavour Pizza. Each bag is 125gs.

If you have never tried The Red Seed's Corn Nuts, this is the pack for you! We can rave about all the amazing our products have to offer (bold flavours, clean 2x hand sorted for quality, perfect crunch), but the only way to find out is to try them yourself!

  • 12 x 125g bag
  • NON-GMO Corn


  • BBQ: Tastes a little like The Calgary Stampede and camping.
  • Ketchup: Tastes exactly how you would expect Ketchup to taste!
  • Chili Lemon: The perfect balance of heat and flavour.
  • Pizza: the littlest taste of Italy! a very unique oregano infused flavour.